Thursday, March 21, 2013


When you feel that everything in life rushes by,
Things go fast,
You notice yourself catching up with too many occasions,
Your feelings crumble,
Your confidence stumble,
And you start to rumble,

Maybe you forget,
To pause for a couple of minutes,
And look at the stars,
To feel loved,

Just that. Because Allah is with you. He made the stars specially for you, to tell you that He always be there for you. He is waiting, above.

Look up when you are down.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

teeny twee

What you are going through right now
Will end.
You won't be sad your whole life,
You won't be happy all the time,
All these feelings have its own time lapse,
It will come and go,
Start and end,
Be felt and gone...

It's the way you perceive and react to it, that's what counts beside Allah.

Life must go on, under the shade of His love, His ultimate acceptance, His pleasure.


Life is like a traveler, who comes across a shady tree, which offers a resting spot, before he continues his journey to his destination.

Don't focus too much on the tree,
for life itself is a journey!
Live once, and enjoy the benefits from your lifetime FOREVER.

This photo, is a great one to compliment this entry.