Monday, June 24, 2013


"ever heard of unsung hero?"
"a hero but not really famous?"
"or being a quiet hero,"
"the world may benefit from their contributions, yet these heroes remain silent..."
"like the sahabah, they avoid from being recognised when they performed noble deeds,"
"we can be unsung heroes too,"
"but how?"
"restrain your anger and desires, and perform good deeds for Allah behind others, or in other words, secretly."
"secretly, hmm"

being secretive with your 'amal, helps to build taqwa. You do it for the sake of Allah, it's only between you and Allah, you know He is watching, and people should know nothing about your 'amal.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


from this little corner, I saw her,
her gait, her shadow, her face.

she has a dream, she told me. 

she was patient. she requested one time and it was rejected. she came back with disappointment. she waited, she cried whole-heartedly and she requested again, this time with more effort. once again, it was turned down. this time she was more careful, she prepared everything, with more determination than before, she stood and presented her request, hey, the third trial got her through.

she taught me, when you help yourself, Allah will help you. You gotta have patience and determination. A Muslim never gives up, because a good or bad result depends on one's effort. what you think is what you get. Always think Allah loves you. most importantly, always, always hold onto God's line. He never goes 'offline' for you, 

the word love is uncountable,
what more of Allah's love?

a dream to be 'ibadurrohman!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've been staying at home for quite some time now, so doing house chores is a normal routine. It's been raining usually in the morning for 3 days in a row, guess what -I've been hanging the same laundry for 3 days too. I started to feel a bit annoyed that drying the laundry took longer time than usual and there's more coming, unwashed. So i've been dreading that the rain is not helping me. It took me quite a while to realise that the rain makes me feel calm and happy. It makes me relaxed and relieved. It reminds me that I used to love the sound, smell and taste of the rain. The moment you think you are being put down by anything, an event, people, things, Allah has actually has so much good things in store for us. It's just maybe we forgot to stop for a while, take some time to breath, relax and enjoy the experience and the gifts around us.

I should stop for a while and listen to the rain, listen to the breeze that sways the trees and the soft tones produced by frogs in dark nights, feel the cold tingle in the air, smell the earth being hit by the rain drops, why not?

All I need to do is see things from a different light. It is a small favour one could ask, to change the perspective from negative to positive. Change it from feeling like we are at loss to the feeling that we are special. 

Same goes to a real life experience that has a big impact to me. There is this guy with his friends and an ustaz who experienced flat tyre due to sharp objects on the road. I understood that If he sees the situation negatively, he'll say that it's his bad day after all. The ustaz said why not see it in a different light-you have a flat tyre, means you have saved someone else's day, perhaps someone who might be in the middle of an emergency, that someone may have a bigger trouble there. I took that example from APG's status. It's his own experience to be exact.

Another one example, when you donate, don't see it as you are helping others, but you are actually helping yourself, saving yourself on the day of judgment :)

Alhamdulillah. I feel 'light', do you?

              Image source: Google

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Today is a giveaway day. Father will present 4 little children with a kitten each. Those kittens, they are twins with white coat and black spots, one with black coat and white spots and one with greyish stripes. The one with black stripes is my father's. he doesn't seem in favour to present it to anyone, well I suppose that includes me :). Oh well i kind of favour that black stripy guy too. 

Guess what, what i could see it's the great feeling of making children happy. Imagine their faces when they hold the little creatures in their arm. Rasulullah is a good model for loving and making children happy. I remembered one story, where rasulullah made a child happy.

Once rasulullah sat with Ali r.a and his companions and there was a serving of ripe dates. Ali piled many date seeds next to rasulullah's plate, to make it appeared like rasulullah ate most of them. Rasullah recognised that and he wanted to joke with Ali so he said, "are you swallowing the seeds with the date?" And everybody laughed. :)
(Reference-muhammad pocket guide, 2010)

What a sweet character he is!
Bye little ones. May the little children feel happy, and this experience develop their responsibility!

Sunday, June 02, 2013


I went for a morning walk today, as usual. I could hear birds chirping away, as I strolled along the lonely path in the village. Not that it's always lonely, it's just because it's Sunday. Houses stood in silence, not much of activities yet. 

I walked past the big tree, which is my favourite sight. The sky was cloudy, really. I thought rain would come not very soon, yet after few steps from the surau,I could taste the rain literally. Small, silver drops of rain, it did not get me wet immediately but the cold atmosphere started to cling to me. 

Time to head home. And that's when it happened.

I looked up, expecting the see more of the crying sky. There it was, a streak of rainbow, not a semi-circle rainbow, just a quarter of it. But still, it's a grand sight as the cloudy sky was now of the colour of bright blue. 

It made me smile. Thank you Allah.

P/s: After the rainbow, it continues to rain, and the cloudy sky returns. I bet there's a thunder storm coming. But the happiness stays inside me. Allah gives what He wants to give, but you must always ask from Him and work with all your might and hope. You may dislike what you get but it is what you really need in order to survive.

Lots of love.