Sunday, June 02, 2013


I went for a morning walk today, as usual. I could hear birds chirping away, as I strolled along the lonely path in the village. Not that it's always lonely, it's just because it's Sunday. Houses stood in silence, not much of activities yet. 

I walked past the big tree, which is my favourite sight. The sky was cloudy, really. I thought rain would come not very soon, yet after few steps from the surau,I could taste the rain literally. Small, silver drops of rain, it did not get me wet immediately but the cold atmosphere started to cling to me. 

Time to head home. And that's when it happened.

I looked up, expecting the see more of the crying sky. There it was, a streak of rainbow, not a semi-circle rainbow, just a quarter of it. But still, it's a grand sight as the cloudy sky was now of the colour of bright blue. 

It made me smile. Thank you Allah.

P/s: After the rainbow, it continues to rain, and the cloudy sky returns. I bet there's a thunder storm coming. But the happiness stays inside me. Allah gives what He wants to give, but you must always ask from Him and work with all your might and hope. You may dislike what you get but it is what you really need in order to survive.

Lots of love.

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