Saturday, June 22, 2013


from this little corner, I saw her,
her gait, her shadow, her face.

she has a dream, she told me. 

she was patient. she requested one time and it was rejected. she came back with disappointment. she waited, she cried whole-heartedly and she requested again, this time with more effort. once again, it was turned down. this time she was more careful, she prepared everything, with more determination than before, she stood and presented her request, hey, the third trial got her through.

she taught me, when you help yourself, Allah will help you. You gotta have patience and determination. A Muslim never gives up, because a good or bad result depends on one's effort. what you think is what you get. Always think Allah loves you. most importantly, always, always hold onto God's line. He never goes 'offline' for you, 

the word love is uncountable,
what more of Allah's love?

a dream to be 'ibadurrohman!

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