Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Today is a giveaway day. Father will present 4 little children with a kitten each. Those kittens, they are twins with white coat and black spots, one with black coat and white spots and one with greyish stripes. The one with black stripes is my father's. he doesn't seem in favour to present it to anyone, well I suppose that includes me :). Oh well i kind of favour that black stripy guy too. 

Guess what, what i could see it's the great feeling of making children happy. Imagine their faces when they hold the little creatures in their arm. Rasulullah is a good model for loving and making children happy. I remembered one story, where rasulullah made a child happy.

Once rasulullah sat with Ali r.a and his companions and there was a serving of ripe dates. Ali piled many date seeds next to rasulullah's plate, to make it appeared like rasulullah ate most of them. Rasullah recognised that and he wanted to joke with Ali so he said, "are you swallowing the seeds with the date?" And everybody laughed. :)
(Reference-muhammad pocket guide, 2010)

What a sweet character he is!
Bye little ones. May the little children feel happy, and this experience develop their responsibility!

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