Friday, November 22, 2013


Dawn. It's a cold, wet friday morning. It's been raining for quite long hours you see. Currently enjoying this weather. Cats huddle each other. Children strech and yawn lazily,taking longer time to wake up for fajr prayer. The sound of rain knocks the window panes. The music is soothing. Fat droplets hit the roof and the ground. Complaints of "cold..!" are heard many times. Is there anyone who really love rain? -that rain makes you smile everytime it greets. I can see the sky is dark blue and greyish. Not sure of how the sun would look like later though. Subhanallah. All these are meant for us, so that we won't forget to prostrate, be grateful and praise the Creator for His constant blessings and love.

Jumu'ah barakah!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I did it. 

- to conquer your fear is to let yourself experience new moments, meet new people, listen to new stories, learn and broaden perspectives, because Allah  wants you to enrich your soul and depend fully on him when it comes to everything. You give little, you get back a lot!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I feel like writing. It's just after a long haul, or a busy week, I crave for quiet moments alone. I'm thinking, while the body needs rest, the soul needs a revive too. Maybe go for a quiet stroll on green paths, or just something as simple as reading old books in my keep.

again, it's not all about me.

giving something I love,
and getting more from Allah in return,

is the best way to revive.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Few days before ramadhan comes to an end. Final lapse. Many flood into mosques, jam-packed parking spaces, smiles on their faces, with unstoppable desire to embrace His love and the blessings of lailatulqadr.

In small villages, mothers pray in huts, fathers gather in a big group, mouth shut but their hearts shout.

All for the sake of one love,
His ultimate love, and acceptance.

Monday, July 01, 2013


it's a big city,
roaring cars,
tall concrete buildings,
blazing noise,
delicious food from street stalls,
smiling people,
flower trees,
concrete pavements,

one thing that always makes me smile,
is i can hear birds chirping away, every single morning.

i fear that i might not get the chance to enjoy it anymore,
it's like a gift,
and a sign of tawakkal,

birds go out in the morning not knowing of what food they will get for the day,
fly about with empty little stomachs, feeling hungry,
yet they return home feeling full and content,
and whose power leads to that?

a super moon. subhanallah. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


"ever heard of unsung hero?"
"a hero but not really famous?"
"or being a quiet hero,"
"the world may benefit from their contributions, yet these heroes remain silent..."
"like the sahabah, they avoid from being recognised when they performed noble deeds,"
"we can be unsung heroes too,"
"but how?"
"restrain your anger and desires, and perform good deeds for Allah behind others, or in other words, secretly."
"secretly, hmm"

being secretive with your 'amal, helps to build taqwa. You do it for the sake of Allah, it's only between you and Allah, you know He is watching, and people should know nothing about your 'amal.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


from this little corner, I saw her,
her gait, her shadow, her face.

she has a dream, she told me. 

she was patient. she requested one time and it was rejected. she came back with disappointment. she waited, she cried whole-heartedly and she requested again, this time with more effort. once again, it was turned down. this time she was more careful, she prepared everything, with more determination than before, she stood and presented her request, hey, the third trial got her through.

she taught me, when you help yourself, Allah will help you. You gotta have patience and determination. A Muslim never gives up, because a good or bad result depends on one's effort. what you think is what you get. Always think Allah loves you. most importantly, always, always hold onto God's line. He never goes 'offline' for you, 

the word love is uncountable,
what more of Allah's love?

a dream to be 'ibadurrohman!