Friday, November 22, 2013


Dawn. It's a cold, wet friday morning. It's been raining for quite long hours you see. Currently enjoying this weather. Cats huddle each other. Children strech and yawn lazily,taking longer time to wake up for fajr prayer. The sound of rain knocks the window panes. The music is soothing. Fat droplets hit the roof and the ground. Complaints of "cold..!" are heard many times. Is there anyone who really love rain? -that rain makes you smile everytime it greets. I can see the sky is dark blue and greyish. Not sure of how the sun would look like later though. Subhanallah. All these are meant for us, so that we won't forget to prostrate, be grateful and praise the Creator for His constant blessings and love.

Jumu'ah barakah!

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