Sunday, April 25, 2010

who's the winner? quite upset. western perspective-prove yourself. eastern perspective-just stay consistent,go with the flow, Allah loves me.

hey3! get up and swayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~okay.

collected data for my first week-oh yeah! oh yeah! drum rollssss enthusiatic, outspoken, learning in context, casualties and relaxation. 

i had fun time with children today. theory has been proven-casualties and relaxation swiped  boredom away.mum always practises that,go mak!! yeah i indulged into their world through drawings. they draw the world which exist in their minds, ouh it is the world we adults have left for a loooooong time. tsk...childhood is never a regret. i cherished mine though.

Besides, it's a channel for their imaginations to communicate to us~plus, they loved to talk a lot and explained their little figures one by one in their masterpieces (prompt with questions if you want more explanation). hey2 did i say masterpieces? yes they 'are'! not 'were' materpieces---because i just love their 'hands on' proofs or little hands artwork. their creativity will develop if their natural skills and talent are tapped, supported, scaffold...which are=creativity, through the strategy of combining their imagination+our scaffolding and time and patience = children will develop their problem solving skills, insyaAllah)

-one example-Irfan had finished his drawing and seemed to get bored. So i asked Safi to teach him about the "1,2 som" game.(you know that game don't you?).Safi loves that game as well. hahah simple game but could be fun if carried out in a small group with small children as their are sooooooo easily distracted by EVERYTHING around them (me too). when Irfan had understood about the rules, they started to play, chanting "1,2 som! 1,2 som!",laughing hard together. then, there was this great moment where Safi had won because she used the 'bird' sign instead of Irfan who used "water". Because of creativity, he had proven his problem solving skill by saying, "but the water can swallow you!tsunami woahhhhh" (along with facial expression). 

so who wins, then? 

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