Saturday, March 12, 2011


when someone hurts me
I will perceive it in many ways

silent speech. the voice inside the heart will suddenly turn into a deafening talk,


"why is she or he being insensitive, hello blood is gushing out from the wound helloooooo can't you see?"


"am i paying for my previous mistakes? ouh!"


"Allah writes this for me as to settle my past mistakes, taught me a lesson not to hurt others like what had happened to me, to be patient when there's any tests, and to give me reward for my patience so that i will react the same whenever this kind of experience ever happens again"

final conclusion

"yes yes Allah loves me. because he tests me in many ways. because he wants to give me rewardS. because he wants to remind me of the Heaven and Hell"

notice the upper cased 's'.


wound healed. iodine smeared. perfect bandage.


aSNi FaRisyA said...

thanks for this! just what i need =)

dinaso said...

asni :)
Allah writes that i should share
so that Allah can show that he is the one who makes us feel better in any circumstances

heart :)

nadia mustafa said...

It heals, when we take Allah's Deen as solution, just like wound healed, iodine smeared, perfect bandage!

“Easier said than done”,
we always say this and that but everything seems to be gone!
“Well done is better than well said”,
but what’s the point on doing it? Are our sweats paid?

Do you think it’s that easy?
If you say so, go on, show that “easy-peasy”,
prove that your words are not just for show!

I’m feeling like breaking down,
I’m losing myself, really, I’m going down,
don’t say to me “Don’t give up”,
because saying that makes me really wanna give up!

By: AmeenMisran

What life is for?
A test from Allah, the Almighty
If it’s like that,
Why are you so feeling wary?

There is no easy-peasy,
Because the price of heaven is expensive highly,
Yet we keep on falling down and doing bad,
Because we are perfectly imperfect.

Success is when
Hardship and prayers are granted,
When you slave hearts are heard.
Hoping that He would not impose us with
‘Cannot-carry’ burden
That’s when you know everything’s already decided.

Be content and served,
This is a period of test,
From Him to us,
A ticket to gain His Bless.

By Nadia Mustafa

dinaso said...

beautiful words kd,masyaAllah :)