Thursday, February 14, 2013


"Introverts find social gathering draining.
Being in the crowd drains their energy. They charge their batteries while being alone. They enjoy their own company. They enjoy nurturing their habits, like gardening, reading, writing, keeping journals and even daydreaming. They learn best through observation. They listen more than talk. They are self-aware, keep emotions private, keep enthusiasm to self, interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding."

I see. Thank you Allah for making me see this.

Someone used to say, "you know yourself so much". I lost words to explain how I achieve that point but I know it is there with me for a long time.

I stayed aside in my very last gathering, a cohort dinner gala. I preferred sitting alone rather than clicking and snapping and posing and smiling for photography session. I was totally drained at that moment.

I used to hate crowds and that stays in me till now. Night market is the last place I would choose to go, unless I really have to find something there and it's very urgent.

But that does not mean I am not friendly and remain shut towards the world, no.
I hang around with my housemates then I will have my me-time in my room alone.

When I travel with a public transport like train or bus, I will choose a seat close to the window so that I can look outside, think and enjoy my time alone and relate myself and my life to it. It is always refreshing and fun to do that.

Thank you Allah. Now I know, and I am grateful for this chance. Should use it for the good of the ummah! InshaAllah.

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