Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Of dry twigs

There is this walkway or I would rather say -a small path leading to my home sweet home. It always feels nice to walk through, bet you, you will be amused and comforted by the smell of grass, the shady trees, some bright red flowers and the scattered pebbles along the way.

You see, there is one more thing that catches my attention every time I skipped my way throught that little road. There is also a big, old tree. Well, it is a dead tree. You could even count the dry leaves that are left between its many twigs. If you walk close at dawn, you will see this great silhoutte formed before you- and you will smile in seconds without you realizing it.

This tree makes me 'see'.
Allah creates life.
Allah creates death.
Yet death is beautiful for a tree that amuses me.

And for us, death is beautiful -make syahid as one of our many dreams.

The tree, captured today (wed,06022013) - close at dawn.

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