Tuesday, February 05, 2013


There was this Australian guy, he flew all the way from Sydney, and dropped by to have a chat with a few locals. He was one curious man, always animated and he said 'hi' to every single person he met on the street.

It was noon. As i was packing up, he came up to me, you see out of the blue he asked me this,

"I saw the word repent in this children book, it's a strong word. I think it means like you feel sorry of your wrong deeds and you want to start anew, and improve yourself to be better, am i right?"

Ditto, Steven. You got it right.

That hit me right in the chest.

Thank you Allah.

A non-muslim telling you about returning to Allah, that is surely nothing else but a clear hint. Return. Repent.

By the way the title of the children book is "Benny the Bully". Sorry, can't remember who the author is.

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