Thursday, May 13, 2010

head and tail. middle part?

i'm an individual.
flip the page.
flip again.either.
ponder and grasp an answer.
wide step.
touch the brightest star.
distant but near.
flying with tied wings.
dream and produce.
it's never regarded as impossible.
neglect hisses.

where do we usually find this flower?graveyard?ah-yes.i call this frangipani as 'bunga kubur'. love the smell

let's idea!

yay peeps! let us create a determination to perform good deeds as much as we can everyday (-- from blogging, facebook-ing, studying, sleeping, eating, shopping, perform these actions in good ways, the way our religion recommends us to.)

kick start ouh yeahh!

 To start, we must always remind ourselves to devote our intentions towards our Creator. Lillahita'ala. *snap fingers.*

with lillahita'ala, we will also remind ourselves again and again that in everything we do, the creator is WATCHING~~~

 thus, we will  prevent ourselves from going off from our objectives or perform bad deeds in within  

and insyaAllah we'll get good points from Allah.

therefore, we will train ourselves to do the good deeds as much as we can.

so let's be determined to always perform good deeds 
and if death is a second away, we are not those who are in the loss because we ARE doing good deeds and we HAVE set up the intention because of Allah, just for Him.

and last~

" A man asked the Messenger: "Who is the most wise of people O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: "The one who remembers death most often and the one who is well-prepared to meet it; these are the wise; honorable in this life and dignified in the Hereafter."[Ibn Majah & Tabarani]

let's be one of the wise,honorable and dignified people by preparing ourselves to face this definite moment- yes,first : correcting our 'niat'/intention in any actions we perform.

thanks to a friend for redirecting.

p/s: so who loves frangipani now???

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