Tuesday, May 11, 2010

pa wau kaf wau qauf square

i love plants and trees. ah~greeneries.soothing view... 
childhood-i remembered i was one of the most enthusiastic person of planting veggies (tomatoes, four angled beans and ladies finger)  in our backyard. i would drag our looooooong water hose from the front porch to the gardening area to water the plants every evening (coz i went to school in the morn,durgh) .aha~ i was the proudest person when my family members consumed whatever i had planted.

yes people, mum also loves gardening. till now. (and she plants all her favourite flower plant also in the backyard so that children won't pick the flowers for their 'kawin2' game).

but she leave this plant in front of the house. and it's one of her great effort:

look at the flowers~(say whoaaaa).mum is very consistent at trimming the branches of this plant.so voila~! the plant is also an  indicator we usually inform to those who never come around when they are coming around for a visit. 

besides mum's effort...the daughter can only take care of this...

(but still some white flowers DO bloom nicely from those tiny thorns-say whoaaaa).yeyeah~*jump*

p/s: do i still have to water this plant?

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